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Chinese products warm and elegant solid wood compound door free paint


Chinese products warm and elegant solid wood compound door free paint


Not every square wood, is qualified to be the raw material of hua wood door. Global origin, a tree and a tree, all made by heaven and earth. Not only the appearance, but also its unique geography, the climate environment creates the intrinsic quality and the wonderful tactility, the capacity is rare, a wood is difficult to ask. All raw materials have experienced technicians to deploy, with high standards of mechanized operation, blending into high quality high standard Chinese wooden doors. 

China product to become the high-quality goods series of wooden door, under the concept of product designer, imported from North America, brunet department plane cutting molding log, with accurate after 40 equipment process, to show you the perfect product. 

Adhere to the green environmental protection concept and humanistic care, adopt the clean flavor zero formaldehyde coating, let your indoor environment permeate the breath of fresh and natural, the powerful effect bacterium makes your home environment pure and fresh. Sound insulation performance, anti-impact performance, water resistance, and the whole effect in the cold and heat environment provide you with multi-directional care for your indoor environment. 

Application range 

It is widely used in residences, villas, hotels, hospitals and office buildings. 

Nature of the product 

Main ingredients: natural wood, natural wood skin, synthetic board, paint 

Product characteristics 

Thermal insulation: using solid wood core standard, a vacuum insulation layer is formed with the special material paint film, which can effectively block heat conduction 

Noise reduction: with medium and low frequency sound absorption performance, every Chinese wood door, for your indoor environment noise reduction of 14dB, noise reduction performance >32dB. Sound absorption coefficient > 0.8. 

L double effect dehyde 

L silver ion antibacterial 

L full effect function: absorption shock absorber, adjustable color, scrubbing, strong anti-alkali, double anti-mildew, long-lasting bright wall, etc 

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