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What is the confidence of Huapin's comeback to explore overseas market?

What is the confidence of Huapin's comeback to explore overseas market?

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With a flick of a wave, theconstant changes of Huapin products show us the length of time and the precipitation of years. In 2005, Zhuhai Huapin wooden Products Co., LTD wasestablished, which opened a new chapter in the industry on this beautiful and rich land in Zhuhai.           


A decade ago,return to the China  


During the period of"early maturity",particularly strong of Huapin momentum development."Huapin" brand wooden gradually spreading in south China coastalareas cities, let more people admire is successful foray into North America,Europe, the Middle East and other overseas markets with the quality of the craftsmanship and quality service,and accompany with local famous enterprise to achieve the inner supporting projects of cooperation.      



With the dream of the ocean world, the Huapin are going against the wind, and have gained advanced production technology and excellent partners in the international market.But what makes people really puzzled is that Huapin walking the path which was winding along mountain ridges,returning to the domestic market in 2008 and beginning another legendary journey.



Through the international baptism,the starting point of Huapin seems more unusual. From the pearl riverdelta to south China, from the south China to the greater China, it has taken ten years to create the miracle of the industry. Facing of fierce market competition, Mr.Li Hengsheng, Chairman of Huapin Group,has proposed "leading enterprises of engineering wooden door" as the strategic target toguide Huapin all the way of development, depending one the "Optimal quality, Best service and most Competitive price",to embrace the top of 100 real estate developers the wooden door project, such as Evergrande , Vanke , Poly and Aoyuan .


There is no doubt that every sonorous and forceful steps of Huapin’s development is the best witness of every achievement.



A decade late,comeback to  overseas markets


A distance of 10 years, onthe express train of the Big Age, Huapin have completed the most significance of cross —— from a group company restructured into collectivization enterprise,as well as indicating the beginning of another brilliant decade for Huapin.

Huapin has made a decision to "go out" and embrace the world when the domestic market has achieved considerable reputation and recognition. Compared with ten years ago,what is the strength and determination of Huapin to open up overseas markets? 



Right timing:"The B&R"policy promotes overseas expansio

"Going out" to embrace the world is the best way to resonate with the world. In the face ofthe national "Belt and Road" strategic opportunity, Huapin take the lead if you don’t give in. On the international stage, Huapin, after ten yearsof fight, the mature engineering service model and excellent overseas customer resources have injected a strong dose of strength into the decision to "Goingout".



Right place:superior transportation location in the pearl delta to reach the world

We seized the advantageous location so as to gain the initiative. As one of the important windows of national import and export, the Pearl River Delta has realized the overall circulation of resources, such as people, freight, commercial flow, capital flow, information flow and other resources. Huapin grade Pearl River Delta estuary city- zhuhai,with a perfect logistics transportation network, for Huapin wooden door providing strong support to all corners of the world.



Right people:more than 1600 people create the "Millions of Plan" of production

The saying said: “one person is not a crowd, the only wood is hard to become a forest.” At present,Huapin has three major professional and modern production bases, total area of more than 300,000 square meters, the annual output of 1,000,000 wooden doors, rankedthe top three in China. Behind such huge capacity, it is the sweat and pains taking efforts of more than 1,600 Huapin people, also the unique strength and confidence of Huapin.


Ambition should remain high.Standing at the new starting point, Huapin is implementing international development strategy with a boarder and longer-term vision. In the future, Huapin will speed up forming a more comprehensive, wider field, higher level of opening pattern, on the way of "Going out", created Huapin into a new business cards, well-known both at home and abroad market.

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