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The new start range | China products group successfully signed the pearl river investment group

The new start range | China products group successfully signed the pearl river investment group

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      Good news recently, the China product group, jiangxi branch huafa wood industry formally put into production in July, China wooden door with high quality products and excellent brand reputation, smooth and the pearl river investment real estate sign a three years strategic cooperation framework agreement with wooden door engineering national supply contracts.


      The project is expected to supply more than 100,000 sets of products in six provinces. China wooden door as the leading brand of Chinese wood door industry, the pearl river real estate investment project bidding is to wooden door enterprise research and development, production, supply and brand and the market share of comprehensive evaluation index, China product wooden door with its strong technical strength and the inherent brand influence, stand out from the numerous well-known wooden door enterprises, eventually won the pearl river investment group, sit up and take notice, successfully won the bid. But it is no accident that wah will succeed in winning the bid. The success of the project is the inevitable result of the development of China products group.




      Guangdong zhujiang investment co. LTDIt is a business group with real estate and related businesses. According to statistics, it ranked 79 of China's top 100 real estate in 2016. Map by guangzhou towards the whole country and investment have been expanded to Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, xian, chengdu, changsha, such as the main center city, the development of residential and commercial projects have become a local landmark buildings, total assets of more than 50 billion yuan, total sales area of over 3 million ㎡, more than 14 million ㎡ land reserve, to become one of the most powerful real estate development enterprises in China. Pearl river investment group leading suppliers of strategic cooperation ideas, in perfect strategy system construction, by fully implementing the sun online bidding and third-party platform collection unit, the engineering contract model, work standard were elastic locking, and emphasize to supplier must complete honesty and service; Add for mining control hardware facilities, strengthen price monitoring and planning control, simplifying a declaration and clearing process for material production, advocate the sunshine purchase, has become a major change in the pearl river investment strategy cooperation strategy, in the future, new recruit a mining system for material order distribution logistics and monitoring function will also accelerate implementation of payment.


(list of top 100 houses in 2016)



      Huahua wooden door (group)Founded in 2005, the company is now one of the largest professional manufacturers of wooden door complex in China. Precipitation after nearly 10 years of development, now has the domestic leading CNC production lines, advanced roller coating production equipment and stable manufacturing technology, annual output can reach eight hundred thousand sets, capacity and market share have been ranked among the top industry. Especially in recent years, the company quality improvement, production capacity and direction of the brand, has won a number of scientific and technological progress award issued by the guangdong provincial government, etc, and guangdong province famous brand, the authentication of ISO9001 quality management, and industry ten ring high gold content of the product quality standard certification. Therefore, the strong strength of the China products group can make the bidding team stand a long time.


(certificate of honor)



      Product group, at the same time, China has successively and evergrande, vanke and poly, citic many famous developers and enterprises such as set up a partnership, the products are widely used in areas such as real estate, municipal, commercial, schools, engineering quality, therefore in the construction industry has a good reputation and brand, are the height of the tendering units recognition and favor.


(major partners)




      Success is always reserved for the prepared people and the team. The Chinese group successfully bid for a series of construction projects The company is fully supported by strong technical strength and good reputation. It is a great achievement for all Chinese people to break through and cooperate sincerely. It is believed that the wooden door project of the pearl river investment group will greatly enhance the popularity of the brand and enhance the competitiveness of the market, so as to lay a solid foundation for the China products group.



















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