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Evergrande group xu wen vice President visited hua pin wooden door to visit inspection

Evergrande group xu wen vice President visited hua pin wooden door to visit inspection

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   The hot sun in May, with a red heat, celebrated the sweat of the laborers and commemorated the boiling history. At the beginning of late spring and early summer, the green trees of zhuhai production base in China are surrounded by a vibrant scene.


  Seo man ", "evergrande group vice President, evergrande material products company deputy general manager ms cheung successively came to China wooden door production base in zhuhai, China product wooden door Li Hengsheng chairman, general manager Li Shuhua warm in reception, in addition, the seo man vice President and deputy general manager ms cheung also department managers to meet with the company.


Vice President xu wen took a group photo with all the executives of hua pin


    It was the second time that xu wen, vice President of xuwen, came to visit hua wood gate. Xu wen, vice President of the company, said the trip gave him an unusual feeling and remembered the first time he came to the Chinese wood gate38It is now a big five production base.1500Specialized wooden door factory for many employees. After ten years of grinding a sword, hua's wooden door has been growing and growing.It became one of the core suppliers of Evergrande group, a leading real estate company in China, and was rated as Evergrande group "strategic partner of excellence" this year.



Vice President xu wen visited the office area of hua wood gate headquarters


    Subsequently, the vice President of xuwen was accompanied by management personnel such as li hang seng chairman and general manager li shuhua, and further investigated the products and production process of wood door in the production shop.


    In the workshop, Evergrande Li Hengsheng as chairman group most focus on wood material selection, process flow, technical requirements, quality control and other links to the vice President of seo man has carried on the detailed introduction and presentation. In addition, vice President xu wen personally arrivedThe three other factories in zhuhai area, hua yan branch factory, the meisi sub-factory, Ming jia branch factoryTo investigate the rapid expansion and efficient production capacity of the wooden door of China.


Vice President xu wen visited the workshop


    During the investigation, vice President xu wen gave a positive view to the wooden door of China, and also put forward an ardent expectation for Chinese products. First of all, we hope that the China wood gate will continuously strengthen the technological development, improve the technological process, and continue to maintain the efficiency of production capacity. Secondly, we are committed to quality production, strengthening product quality management and producing more high-quality products. Finally, improve the after-sales service level of product sales, provide more high-quality wooden doors for Evergrande, provide better services, and help to win the reputation of Evergrande hardback room in the real estate market. The vice President of xuwen stressed that the company should seize the opportunity of rapid development of Evergrande, constantly improve its brand influence and strive to become a leading enterprise in the wooden door industry


    Vice President of China product wooden door Li Hengsheng chairman of seo man put forward valuable opinions expressed heartfelt thanks and sure, Li Hengsheng chairman also said that China product wooden door always attaches great importance to the cooperation with Evergrande group, in the days of in the future will continue to keep learning progress, gradually perfect the technology, quality and service, try our best to focus on corporate resources safeguard Evergrande wooden door products, on time delivery and good service


    In addition to that,On the one hand, we established the China products group this year, and made a comprehensive upgrade and transformation in the internal and external world.Not only add a wide range of large-scale standardized production base, modern management, and gradually improve the group's rules and regulations, team building, brand building, digital management, risk control, the problem such as resource allocation, a series of long-term strategic layout, is it make sure to gain long-term benefits under the mode of collectivization.On the other hand, China products will accelerate its entry into the capital market, make full use of the resources of capital market, improve enterprise well-knownness, the normalization, standardization and operation mode and implementation of financial system to achieve management innovation and technological innovation, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.


Xu wen vice President and li hang seng chairman


Zhang mingming deputy general manager visits the workshop


     Ten years of practice, hua wood gate is only to polish a piece of popular attention. After ten years' trek, hua wooden door has a place in the leading stage of the industry. In the future, China wood door will continue to follow Evergrande's strong and strong step to achieve mutual benefit and long-term development.

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