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The China products group is formally established, adding four large production bases

The China products group is formally established, adding four large production bases

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OnApril14,amuch-anticipatedday,timeofahistoricturningpoint,Chinagroupformallyestablished,thegrouphasthreesubsidiaries,theheadquartersislocatedinthebeautifulcoastalcity-zhuhai.    In2016,wehavesuccessi

    On April 14, a much-anticipated day, time of a historic turning point, China group formally established, the group has three subsidiaries, the headquarters is located in the beautiful coastal city - zhuhai.

    In 2016, we have successively captured the wooden door project of vanke real estate, pearl river investment, shenzhen venture capital and power real estate, and the annual output reached 600,000. In 2010, the annual turnover was just 79 million yuan, with only 38 employees. After five years of rapid development, the turnover exceeded 500 million yuan in 2015, and the company's employees expanded to more than 1000 employees.

    Is the so-called "bao jianfeng from honed out, plum blossom incense from Fairbanks to", the long journey, step by step footprints record is China in the development path of inevitable, is resilient when experiencing setbacks. Nowadays, the development of Chinese products has ushered in a new stage. This year, the enterprise is gradually transforming to the group management mode, and it has a comprehensive strategic layout for the future development.


Aerial view of jiangxi branch factory


Location of SJM



Famous branch factory outside scene


The interior of the company



The famous branch factory interior scene


    The group established the two production bases of huahong and hua yan. In mid-2016, a new production facility was added, with an area of about 34,000 square meters, which was officially put into production at the end of 2016. Another three are under construction in the large-scale modernized and standardized production base - toyama industrial park of famous factory, longshan industrial zone of Macao mae factory and factory of jiangxi jinggangshan, the total area of about 208000 square meters. In addition, we set up six offices across the country, located in zhengzhou, jinan, chongqing, xian, zhuhai, changsha, from coastal to inland to form the "T" type after-sales service system, each part of the wider radiation throughout the country. This series of measures, on the one hand, to promote the construction of new modernized standardized plants and expand capacity in order to cooperate with business development; On the other hand, the company can improve the operation efficiency of the company and accelerate the realization of the company's goal of group transformation.

    With the production of four production bases starting this year, the company plans to produce 1 million units a year in 2017 and an annual sales volume of 800 million yuan. While expanding the plant, we also gradually improve the company's rules and regulations, personnel construction, training management, data management and brand building. Due to the long-term strategic development of collectivization in the future, it is necessary to ensure the long-term benefit of the collectivization mode, both externally and internally, and comprehensively upgrade and transform。

    The original ambition, the suffering of the experience, the glory of the harvest, in the history of the long river is the performance of huahong from the hiding of light to a dazzling bright future. By our ingenuity, we have forged a scene of prosperity. In the future, we will take a more robust pace, and give me whose sense of mission leads the wooden door industry to stride forward.

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