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China wood gate hand in hand with three trees: will be in March China international door industry exhibition double appearance

China wood gate hand in hand with three trees: will be in March China international door industry exhibition double appearance

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Beijing march, spring breeze ten.

The 16th China international exhibition and the fourth China international integration custom furniture exhibition will be held on March 14-17 at the new pavilion of China international exhibition center (Beijing). The exhibition has attracted a lot of attention, and as a bellwether and booster for the development of the wooden door industry, it has greatly promoted the industry exchanges and trade cooperation.

At this exhibition, China wood gate will work together with three trees to launch a new "health + product".

The three trees

Founded in 2003, three trees have been established in sichuan and tianjin. The three trees provide the main architectural exterior wall paint with real stone paint, sky color stone, texture paint, and stone lacquer series, and brick and stone lacquer series. Introduce Italian art paint, Brazilian UV paint, Belgian foaming glue and other advanced technologies; With the help of shenzhou-6 and shenzhou-7, three trees have successfully developed space paint and are benefiting thousands of families through more than 20,000 branches worldwide with fresh breath and clear taste paint. With innovative technology and moving services, the three trees have become the strategic partners of Evergrande, vanke, Greenland and China sea.

Over the years, the three trees to mining products of science and technology, environmental protection and health performance, always adhere to in order to create a healthy life as own duty, to the pursuit of doing deep through "extreme health" concept of development, constantly blaze new trails, more health, environmental protection coating products.


As consumers become more and more concerned about healthy and environmentally friendly products, there are more and more calls for environmental problems in the use of materials and coatings in the wooden door industry. In such a situation, wooden door enterprise factory must pay attention to environmental protection issue, go green development path.

China product wooden door

Founded in 2005, China products group is a specialized wooden door engineering enterprise integrating r&d, production, sales and after-sales. Headquartered in the coastal city of zhuhai, it has five large standardized production bases in China, covering an area of over 400 thousand square meters.

Product group after 12 years of efforts, China wooden door engineering service scope has 12 provinces throughout the country, 172 regions, more than 330 projects, and altogether has 6 offices across the country in response to each region of after-sales service, has grown two millimeters wooden door production has exceeded 500000. With high quality products and comprehensive services, China become Evergrande property, wide field group, and group and other top property of strategic partners, domestic partners also include vanke real estate, the garden is produced, midea real estate and other large real estate developers, won widespread popularity.

(note: red is the original 6 service scope, yellow is the new service scope)

We choose high-quality partners from thousands of raw materials, because only good materials can carve out the most beautiful works of art. Product appearance design style diversity, are used in the process of production and the health of the three trees paint environmental protection glue, at the same time of improving product ornamental more safeguard consumers use the product of health problems. Every product of hua wood door has unique charm, the home environment of consumer is dressed up to have the effect of not heavy sample.

Chinese wood door, craftsmanship.

The mysterious appearance will be unveiled at the China international exhibition center on March 14-17.

We look forward to your arrival!

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