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The transition from 2005 to 2010


The company was founded in the beginning, when the global financial crisis, the overseas market faltered, leading to substantially cut the European procurement purchase price. Subsequently, after a year of hard struggle, the Chinese government resolutely abandoned the continuous investment in overseas markets and transformed itself into the embrace of the domestic market. After more than three years of practical foreshadowing, from 2007, China wood industry focused on effective integration of resources, standardize the development process, pay close attention to management, promote efficiency, support the future development. The development of a number of projects in the Southern China area at the same time, started for local small and medium-sized real estate developers service. After the first few years of development, the comprehensive strength of Chinese wooden goods increased significantly, the development potential of becoming increasingly prominent. 2008, to carry out preliminary cooperation with today's leading real estate Hengda Group, following the Hengda in Guangzhou service in layered Feitsui vista, layered Bay more than 10 flats, in the service experience, brand reputation and scale strength etc., initially with the national service conditions. In just five years, no matter from the layout of production, to the formation of the engineering team, have made the full practice and management promotion for today's standardized management.



Marching into the country from 2010 to 2015


In 2010, the Chinese wooden door has been strategically entering Hengda, CITIC, Austrian Park, poly and other 100 strong real estate, the national service of more than 100 projects, scale and capacity to achieve substantial leap, annual sales exceeded one hundred million. From 2010 to 2015, four production bases have been put into operation, and only 100 employees have developed into more than 1000 teams. Synchronous new equipment and technical forces continue to strengthen the update, the Chinese wooden doors with continuous experience and exploration, quality is increasingly optimized, profit refinement.


2010   Won the title of excellent supplier of Evergrande real estate group

             Annual turnover of more than 100 million yuan


2013   The annual output value of two large production bases is more than 300 million yuan RMB

             1 billion 70 million signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hengda, Hengda become the core supplier

             Won the title of tax payer in Doumen District of Zhuhai


2015   Set up third production bases

             Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the group, and Hirota group



From 2015 to 2020, the leading enterprises in the project wood door industry

New starting point, sail again.

The future, Chinese goods group in the consolidation of the domestic advantages, will unswervingly strengthen their enterprise strength and professional direction, in the background of internationalization and localization on the basis of the existing, seek more and more extensive top global partners, and learn from the world's advanced management experience, to build industrial clusters, build competitive international professional engineering door top enterprise.