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2005Year   Guangdong China Huapin Group establish

                Establish a cooperative relationship with the leading British housing enterprise Carillion

                B&Q,Home Deposit,Deanta,LPD EU brands build partnerships


2008Year   Building a partnership with Evergrande real estate


2010Year   Zhuhai Huahong Wood Co., Ltd. was founded

             Won the title of outstanding supplier of Hengda Real Estate Group

             Building a cooperative relationship with CITIC Real Estate

             To establish a partnership with Austrian real estate

             Annual turnover of more than 100 million yuan


2013Year   Zhuhai Hua Hua Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

             The annual output value of two large production bases is more than 300 million yuan RMB

             1 billion 70 million signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hengda, Hengda become the core supplier

             To establish cooperative relations with Hirota group

             To establish cooperative relations with jintanglang Decoration Co. Ltd.

             Won the title of tax payer in Doumen District of Zhuhai


2015Year   Set up Zhuhai Rong Da production base

             Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the group, and Hirota group


2016Year   Successfully entered Vanke Group, the annual output value of more than 700 million yuan


2017Year   Set up Jiangxi production base

             Set up China Investment Corporation

             Reformed Chinese goods group

             Signed Hengda Real Estate 5 billion wooden door supply contract

             China Products Group Hengda Hengda investment war success, one hundred million yuan shares Hengda