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Enterprise mission: do a good job for the world


Whether in the past or in the future, we will unswervingly “ the highest quality, best service, the most competitive price ” as the core value of the brand, is committed to engineering products as a fundamental principle for the survival and development of enterprises. In the enterprise concept of China products group, consumers are not only buying Chinese wooden doors, but also environmental friendly green products and healthy low-carbon lifestyle.

Chinese wooden goods, willing to put the nature of a fresh and comfortable experience to thousands of households, the nature of natural wood and warm texture, the most natural form, and to share the health, safety, fashion, personality and rich taste, low carbon lifestyle.

Green life from green products, green products from green plants. Into the Chinese Industrial Park, all production operations in an orderly manner, almost no smell of paint, but also can not see the surplus industrial waste. As a company with “ creating green products ” as the mission of the enterprise, located in the low carbon Tourism City of Zhuhai, the construction of the Chinese Industrial Park is only to build “ green ecological chain ” the starting point.


Enterprise vision: Chinese engineering door leading enterprises


On 2005, Chinese wooden goods return from the European market, the market will return to the motherland's embrace. Under the guidance of the industrial standards of the European Union, the Chinese products are well versed in the global technical standards required by the European union. Accumulate steadily, ten years grinding sword, now the Chinese wooden goods has become a stealth aircraft carrier in the industry. In the perceptual consumer oriented market Chinese, rely on advertising and packaging of the &ldquo brand; pseudo ” “ wood products meet the eye everywhere, the leading enterprise ” for public commitment, China wooden goods have great courage and confidence.

Is “ the East westerly, Western ” as many industry trends. Chinese products look at the world, the world also see Chinese products. In today Chinese, exotic goods become chase, Europe and the United States to become the vane. Love Chinese traditional culture, convinced that adhering to the broad and profound oriental wisdom, management methods and technology live learn to make good use of the west, local enterprises have the strength, ability and courage start competing with the world brand in the international arena.

If you want to succeed, you must have a dream. All the bear, because with the world, to the first dream.


Core values:


1Quality tree brand  


Quality is the cornerstone of enterprise brand building. Brand represents the quality of products and service quality, reflects the visibility of enterprises, reputation and customer loyalty to enterprise brand. In the process of realizing the strategic goal of the enterprise, the Chinese people want to build the high-quality products, create the image outside and create the international brand.


2.Good faith makes great achievements


SincerityIt is the guarantee of enterprise development. Integrity throughout the business management, customer service, communication and cooperation, development and win-win every step. In good faith as the core of the corporate culture will be accompanied by casting “ 100 years ” the whole process.


3. Efficiency benefits


With great enthusiasm and work efficiency, we should try our best to promote the success of customers, promote the development of enterprises, and promote their own improvement.


4. Details determine success or failure


Lao Tzu said: the world events in the world is difficult to fine, easy to. Li Hengsheng, chairman of Chinese products, said: "it is not easy to do every simple thing well; to do every ordinary thing well is extraordinary.". So, care for small gift, the details determine success or failure.

Not every square, are eligible to become Chinese wooden goods, raw materials. The origin, a tree, all from the universe. Not only in appearance, but lies in its unique geography, climate and environment create the inherent quality and excellent tactility, capacity is scarce, a hard to find. All raw materials, experienced technicians deployed, with high standard mechanized operations, rubbing the synthesis of high quality, high standard Chinese wood doors. 

Thing has its capacity, wood is called Hua

Bai Ge Zhengyou, high quality Zigui