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2016The latest financial data show that Chinese goods group to the local government to pay taxes over3000Million yuan, for more than2000Social workers provide employment opportunities.

In the past more than 10 years, China Products Group has been adhering to the following principles“Green home”The concept of green building for thousands of households boutique doors. In the industrial country at the same time, huapin Group actively education, poverty alleviation, livelihood, sports and other social charity donations exceeded thirty million yuan.

2013In 2008, China products group, the first time will Ya'an earthquake donations to the China poverty alleviation fund.

2014In support of Zhuhai Doumen District primary school, to help poor students complete their studies.

2015In 2010, sponsored by Guangzhou Taobao football team, broke out and won the AFC Champions league.

2016In the establishment of Guangdong Ocean University huapin Group Li Hui scholarship sponsored foreign language college students create excellent in character and learning in academic success.

Solving employment

Aiding the poor

Talent and education: education is the future of the nation, is the national development plan. Over the years, the Chinese goods Group donated schools around Zhuhai, Doumen, continued to subsidize poor students, established a comprehensive system to donate money to help students, covering a wide range of schools.

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